After two years of silence I am back. I got a new computer and and everything set up to update the website. I am sad to say that Beavis passed in November at the age of 16. The last year was tough to watch her decline but she was a fighter and was able to make her last retrieve a month before she pass. I am working on "The Return of the Queen" as a tribute to my sweet girl. She was an amazing friend and I miss her dearly. Still living in Boise and working for the Forest Service. Last year I took on learning how to be a gardener and successful grew some amazing veggies. Not very exciting but it was fun. Mark, Scot and I had the most amazing ski vacation in Japan. It snowed and snowed and snowed. The video is posted on the site and I think you will like it. Lynne and I have some nice trips coming up. Stay tuned.



I was contemplating retiring chadhood.com because of all the new technology in social media. It is hard to compete with twitter trends when I only update the site once a year. I decided there is still some value to the site so I will keep it going. There is not as many photo or video worthy activities in Boise compared to Juneau. My focus has shifted from fishing to other collecting activities such as mushroom hunting and rockhounding. Beavis is still hunting and finished her 14th season with 9 coots, 2 mallards, and a widgeon. We have collected enough footage to begin working on "The Return of the Queen" If you have enjoyed the site and want me to keep it going send me a note.



My appologies for the lack of updates. Much has happened in the last year. I have moved to Idaho and am settling into my new place in Boise with Lynne. We are engaged to be married in August! Boise is a great place to live with lots of recreational activities. I made it out for elk and deer hunting a fair amount but was not successful. I saw lots of critters but could not seal the deal. Fishing has been a challenge but I am slowly getting that figured out. No more big fish but it is still fun. Ice fishing will be starting up soon so stay tuned for some regular updates.



Big news in the works. I am trading in the Xtra tufs for sunscreen. I am headed to Idaho City (just north of Boise), and get on the ferry November 14th and start work November 21st.

This was the season of big halibut. Here are the top 5: 103lb (keith), 103lb (chad), 72lb (keith), 50lb (yakatat John), 40 lb (keith). Myself, Scotty and Talleywacker made it over to Huna for a nice silver trip. We caught a bunch and saw a bunch of bear.



Happy 2011 to everyone. Lots of new exciting things going on. I just posted some new material. Check out the new artic float video and some pics of Lynne and myself doing odds and ends around Juneau recently. We just booked a trip to Bangkok (dental work for me) and Bali for three week in March. I am working on the Hooligan Camp video this winter and hope to have it done in the Spring. It will definetly be my biggest undertaking to date as far as video.



The season is coming to an end and the darkness has officially taken over the light until next March. Stream silvers are still going but it has been a unusual fall. Almost no rain and above average warmth has thrown the fishing off a little. We have been getting them pretty good though and the freezer is full. The standing as of today is me in third place with 8 fish landed (two other were disqualified) and Monica and Carol deadlocked at 10 fish landed. I would call this season average. Not great and no new personal records but very consistent action. Robbie, Mark, and myself had quite a nice time on a float hunting trip in the Brooks Range. One other bit of news is I was able to get a promotion in the minerals department to a GS-9/11. Either I am doing a good job or have tricked Sarah into thinking I am doing a good job. I would like to think the first one.

Check back in the next month or so as I have a huge backlog of thinks to get on the site. I also am working on making all of the links work throughout the site. I was nosing around the other day and realized how bad it was. Sorry for the false advertisement. CH



The summer is flying by and the outdoor action is hitting its peak. We learned a new way to catch kings and had some pretty hot action for a couple weeks. We had a great work trip to the outer coast of Sitka and knocked out a bunch of sockeye. Halibut action has been solid this year but we have yet to get a big one and a stuck at 36 lbs. The deer season start off good and Pete managed to get a magnum buck from the secret spot. I am sure Robbie won't be happy when he finds out I have brought a few new players up there. Out big caribou trip is next and then hopefully a banner silver season.



A rare fall update. It has been a little off this season. Things have not been too consistent on the outdoor front. It was a average halibut season and dungie crab season. The saltwater trolling, Sweatheart sockeye and deer hunting has been dismal. I am now in the thick of freshwater silvers so that is nice though it is always a little sad when the fishing season is coming to an end. I have high hopes for the rest of the hunting season. Stayed tuned for some winter updates around the end of October. CH



I am headed into the summer season so don't expect too many more updates other than the now famous pics of the week. The biggest

news is that I just started a new job. I am now a geologist. So far so good. Check out a few new video additions to the download page. One more still to come for the 2008 season. Have a great summer.




Well I am finally getting around to updating the site with some highlight pictures from the 2008 season. I am leaving soon for a trip to Japan and Philipines with Mark and Spoogums. We will be gone for a month. Should be some good fun. I should have some videos posted soon so make sure you check back over the next week. Panther Power!



A rare summer update. I am loading some pictures from my mom and dad's trip to Juneau. We had a great time and they tired me out wanting to go non-stop. Not even the nightly cramps or the pinching crabs could slow them down.

Don't expect many updates till winter



Winter is just about over. Days of skiing = 0, Days of diving = 0. It has been a long winter of inactivity due to a back issue. I have loaded some videos taken on my old Hi-8 camcorder. It is always fun to remember fun things you have done in the past.


Check out some videos I made and are on youtube

Sea duck hunting

Goodnews River part one, Goodnews River part two


Seasons are winding down and it is getting cold and dark. It is time to start posting some stuff from the 2007 season.Check a few new photo albums

2007 fishing, 2007 hunting, sea ducks

Write ups and video we be coming shortly


I am finally getting to some updates. It has been a busy summer with lots of good outdoor adventures. It will be awhile for the completed 2007 fishing and hunting journals but you might enjoy the summary of our Goodnews River trip.

Another note of interest is a article that got publish on a regional Forest Service magazine about working in Berners Bay.


Today is the first day the site has posted. This is mostly test pages. Come back in a couple weeks and it will look a much better and have way more stuff. Right now its mostly pictures and summaries.

It has been many years in the making and finally it is alive. My intent of this site is to share with everyone a bit of what I do for fun. It should also be informative for anyone interested in similar adventures. Of course it helps me keep track of whats been going on. I hope you enjoy and please contact me if you have any questions or you just want to chat.




As of August 15th, 2006 we are still living in Juneau. Monica, Beavis, and I are doing well and enjoying the rain. I still am working at the Forest Service and Monica is teaching at Auke Bay Elementary. You might say that winter never really left this summer. Most residents in Juneau are in a state of depression over the poor weather.