Since youtube started censoring audio I just started putting the videos here. The are some in mp4 format 640x480 (big files) and should play on most computers. The others are wmv at 320x240, this should help on the download time but will sacrifice quality. They appear to stream on some computers, others you have to download the whole thing before you can watch it. Enjoy. Comments are always welcome.


The Return of the Queen SD (180mb) 9 min

Japan 2017 SD (175 mb) 9 min HD version on the way

Juneau Fishing 2014 by Hooligan Inc.

Alagnak Float short version (487mb) 5 min

Alagnak Float (329mb) 19 min

Beavis berrypicking (6mb)

Huna Lu Lu 2011 (53mb) 12 min

Bali 2011 (123mb) 24 min

Arctic Float 2010 (900 mb) 22 min

Underwater crabbing 2010 (15.6 mb) 3min

Highlights of 2009 (166mb)22 min

Japan (183mb)21min

Philippines (250 mb) 14min


Secret Spot(44mb) 4min

Sweetheart (95mb) 8min

Huna Silvers (95mb) 5 min

highlights of 2008 (400mb) 21min

Lords of the Wing (84mb) 10 min

Sea Duck Chronicles (81mb) 8 min

Thailand Diving (28mb) 5 min

Goodnews River Float (63mb) 12 min

Catfishing With Naomi (34mb) 7 min

Dutch Harbor (50mb) 10min

Huna 2001 (43mb) 9 min

Chamonix (26mb) 5 min