King crab summary



Dungy diving






May 19 th


Crab picking at Echo Cove. We got 21 total crab. Picking on the beach was lame so I had to hop in the water at the narrows.





May 27 th echo cove for kings. Had a bit but nothing more


May 28 th pt bishop for kings. The skunk is still on


May 28 th salmon creek for dollies. The skunk is finally off. Landed 3 but should have had more. Follow the turns and the dollies are nearby.



June 8 th Dollies at salmon creek. Got 3 on a mor-tac spoon. Missed the best part of the tide though I did get a 18 incher


June 10, 2007 Kings in the morning and dollies in the eve. No kings but two dollies. I missed the best part of the tide for dollies



June 13 th windfall cutthroat 19incher

June 21 st Howard bay halibut and rockfish first on the new boat

June 22 nd auke trolling skunked

June 23 rd windfall skunked

June 24 th Auke trolling 3dollies windfall flies got a bunch of good ones

June 25 th fish creek trolling skunked

June 26 th Auke trolling no kings one chum

June 27 th Windfall sockeye. Excellent action. Moe and I each caught fish.

June 29 th sisters hump limited out quickly and trolled a little with no luck.

June 30 th windfall sockeye and dungy diving. Both got sockeye and caught 11 dungy





July 1 st Halibut at sisters and trolling at homeshore. Limited out quickly and stayed at Swanson. Caught a pink trolling. Doc warners folks were picking up occasional coho



July 2 nd Halibut in Icy Strait and king crab at Portland Island. Started at Hanus Reef. Caught a ping-pong and a boomer. Moved to sisters hump and limited out quickly. No size but excellent action. Back to Juneau. Turned around and headed back out. Got a keeper crab on the way back out to Icy strait.


July 3 rd Halibut and salmon trolling in Icy Strait. Started out at Pinta cove and kept one halibut. Had a big one on but all the rest very small. Excellent action. Moved to chicken flats and got two keepers. Still no size but good action. Moved to Porpoise Island. Slower but got the limit. By that time we were tired of halibut fishing. Trolled homeshore that evening but only one hit. Chums jumping everywhere.


July 4 th Snag pond for kings. Got one but lots of people so I could not move around.

PM Portland Island king crab w/ Piehls. Got 2 keeps and had 2 sub




July 5 th AM snagging at fish creek and skunked, very few jumpers. PM Portland Island king crab w/ Beatley. 1 keep 3 sub (no pics)


July 6 th checked pot with Naomi Tom and will. Got one legal and one sub


July 7 th snagging at the fishpond. Got one but very dark. Done for the season there


July 8 th Checked the king pot and nothing


July 11 th King crab checking and fishing for kings in auke. Didn’t get any crab and pulled the pot for good. Did get an octopus in the pot. John kept it. Jon’s dad got two kings on a pixie in auke bay. Fish rolling everywhere. Very wet day.


July 12 th king snagging in auke bay. Andrew and I each got one dark king. Lots of activity



July 13 th Icy strait for halibut. A little rough for sisters so picked up a limit of but off rock Island. Also got two quill back. Just Beatley and me. He got his first ever halibut, which was exciting. Stayed at Swanson harbor.


July 14 th Icy strait for halibut and salmon. Got a quick limit of small halibut at the hump. Beatley pulled most the wait. Had a great show of porpoise for a while. Trolled at couverden and got a dolly, 3 pinks, a chum and coho. Very foggy but flat calm


July 15 th Halibut at Hump Island. Got 42, and 26lb, Naomi got 28 lbs and two small ones. Robbie got one 20+ to the boat and I miss gaffed it and felt really bad. Got sunburned



July 17 th hump island and whale watching w/ Yakutat John’s family. One small halibut and many whales.


July 21 st sisters, Porpoise Island and homeshore for halibut and salmon. Limit of small halibut at sisters and porpoise. Lost a halibut pole and rod holder to a fish only to get it off the anchor with the fish still attached. One coho and one nice coho lost at the boat and many pinks. Camped at homeshore



July 22 nd sisters, rock island and point couverden for halibut and salmon. Limit of small halibut. Found a new spot on rock island. Good trolling for salmon though we lost a pole to a fish. One silver, one chum and many pinks



Dates for Port Houghton ???

We caught lots and lots of pinks in Negro Creek, Sandborn Canal, and Rusty River.


August 2 nd sweetheart creek. Got 16 sockeye but tough fishing



August 3 rd and 4 th Montana creek for dollies. A few small ones but not much (no pics)


August 5 th north pass, Benjamin and Vanderbilt for halibuts. Picked up a limit at Vanderbilt.

August 7 th and 8 th Kook Lake for cutts. We caught several 9-11 inchers off the floating tent on shiny stuff


August 9 th and 10 th dungies at St. James bay. 8 legal and kept 6. Good crabbing area


August 11 th south shelter for coho. Robbie got a nice one and Naomi and I missed several. Good morning bite then nothing. Sunny (no pics)





August 12 th kennel cr for pinks. Lots and lots of pinks

August 13 th kennel cr for pinks. Lots and lots of pinks

August 14 th kennel cr for pinks lots and lots of pinks

August 15 th Vanderbilt for halibut. Got 3 should have had more just missed some bites

August 16 th sweetheart #2. Got about 19 but lots of antics two lost nets

August 17 th coho trolling nothing but one bite

August 18 th Montana cr. For dollies and kings. Chris got one king. We each got some dollies


August 30-September 12 th See Goodnews river adventure for results


September 19 th and 23 rd


My brother came up for our annual Huna silver fishing trip. We got screwed on the ferry so we only got 2 half days and a full day of fishing. The first day we got into town and went straight to Game Creek. The water was too high so we went back to the airport pond. Scotty got one small one to break the ice. The next day we went to our favorite creek and banged them pretty good. I think we had 12 keepers and many others that didn’t make it to the beach. We still had to work hard for our limits. We got one more on Kennel Creek before we went back towards town. We went to Game Creek in the eve and picked up several more (released). The next day we went to Spasski. It was slow but we managed to get three or four. It is not as fun fishing down there because of all the trespassing issues. Overall it was a good trip. We didn’t see anyone and the weather was nice.


Juneau Stream Silver fishing


I kind of slacked on the dates but basically the silver fishing was a bust for me. I got a few out of Montana Creek but it was slow fishing. Nothing from the holding pond and I hooked a few out at windfall with Robbie one day. We also caught cutts dollies and to rainbow on that