Hunting Summaries


2005 Hunting Summary


August high country sitka blacktail proved to be successful. We went the thrird week in august and got lousy weather. It was foggy most the time and made glassing difficult. All deer had lost velvet. Pete, Keith, Dave, and Myself attended the trip. I got two deer and we got five deer total. No big bucks were seen but Dave and I missed a buck that was very similar to the buck in the second picture.


Robbie and I went for a goat scouting trip on xxxxxxxxxxxx and Robbie got a nice main land buck. I passed on a nice fork buck because I was tired and it turned out that it would have been illegal anyways.


Robbie Dave and I went up to xxxxxx again for another bird and deer trip. No deer but Dave and Beavis got a ptarmigan.


Sea Duck hunting was banner this year. Beavis completed 68 retreives total. The majority of the hunting days was on Scoter point and outer point. We also went out on the flats for some mallards but that was pretty slow. We decided that a canoe was important for cripples and getting out on the point. The nicer the weather the better the hunting. Todd, Dave, Doug and Vlad were my main partners


Robbie and I went up to Berners for the October goat opener. We went up from xxxxxxxx. Other hunters were around. It was an easy hike to our area for goat hunting standards and it was cold. I got a nanny by accident. I was still happy but would have liked to get a billy. Robbie was sour about being crowded by other hunters so we went home a bit early.




Todd Andrew and I went to Hoonah for a late season hunt. It was a nice trip but the deer did not cooperate. I shot and missed at three does and never saw a buck. Todd got a little button buck and Andrew did not see a deer the whole trip. There was very little snow in the high country and the deer were out of routine.


I drew a moose tag for Gustavus. Pete, Buss and I went in mid November and were shut out. It rained really hard for three strait days and the moose left. Robbie and I went back in December and scored immediately. We were in and out in less than 24 hrs. We flew back 450 lbs of meat.