Hunting Summaries


2006 hunting log



Annual Hoonah High Country Deer Hunt August 2 – 4.


We were very soggy during the entire trip

The annual August Hoonah trip consisted of Mark and myself. Everyone bailed for various reasons but that was fine by us. We started the first day out a the infamous clear-cut crossing. I was relieved that there were no other cars as I had heard of a lot of Juneau hunters were coming over. We got up into the subalpine and saw a deer pretty quickly. Of course it was foggy and we could not identify. We hiked up on to the far ridge and saw deer of the far side as soon as the fog lifted a little. One 3x3 and 2forked bucks and a few does. We decided to not pursue due to distance. We continued to glass and saw more deer on a distant hillside. No ID but I was sure they were bucks. Got to the top of the ridge and saw a few more does. We decided to keep going out. We saw deer down the next ridge and saw a shooter buck. We got on top of them and saw a 3x3 2 forks and a smaller deer. Mark was going for the 3x3 and I would not likely take one due too the distance from the truck. Mark made a clean shot and the 3x3 went down. The other deer slowly moved off and I decided to pass on them. We butchered the deer and headed back. It took us just over 3 ½ hrs to get back. I don’t think Mark liked the clear cut.


The second day started off in the rain of course. We went back up the clear cut and were going to check out a new ridge. I had not been there but knew that it had good potential. As we worked the ridge up sign was every where and we kicked up a doe. We kept going and opened up on a plateau. I was confident that there would be deer in the area. Nothing doing but we kept going. We hit the top of the ridge and Mark started waiving at me that I had spooked a 3x3. I never saw it but we split up to find it. I did not find the 3x3 but I did find 3 bucks off the side of the ridge. They were all forks and I had to decide whether to take one. I could see deer all over in the distance but decided I would take a fork. I shot and hit the guts but it went down shortly after. Mark was still looking around when he found me. I worked on the deer and went to find a big one. I had the deer butchered and he came back and said there were some nice ones around. We would keep our eyes open on the way back. We hit the top of the ridge and Mark wanted to have look around. I welcomed the break after walking up the hill. We he did not come back after 10 mins I knew we were in trouble. The gun shot followed shortly and I knew work was ahead. The biggest 3x3 I had ever seen had fallen and it was steep country. We made quick work of the butchering and were hiking down the ridge. We had heavy loads and Marks mountaineering pack seemed maxed out. Our hunt was basically over even though I had one more tag. We made it down eventually but Mark took a beating in the clear cut. We decided not to hunt the next day but to fish for pinks and give Marks knee the day off. The weather was cold and wet the entire trip except for the afternoon on the second day.

Mark was impressed by the bear “hot feet”

3x3 from day one. What a long hike out.

Typical high country alpine found on Chichago Is

The other deer made this respectable forked horn seem small (I know they are antlers)

The big bucks did not come easy. A true magnum Sitka blacktail

The hike down the mountain with heavy meat packs

Pinks on the fly, few places rival the mouth of Kennel creek

Looks like quite a battle

Sow and three cubs on the way back to town


August 12 th Secret Spot. Blue grouse with .22

Robbie with the bounty of grouse



August 27 th secret spot. No ptarmigan killed, two small flocks and one blue grouse. Saw 7 goats (two billies, nanny and kid and 3 unknown). 3 does and one forked buck. Good vis but not unlimited


September 16 th Scoter Point, sea ducks. Just me and Beavis went and we got 3 scoters and one hen harlequin. Shooting was pretty good and the hevi steel worked well. The weather was sunny and calm. Birds were not yet in normal patterns but still a few came by. Max high tide for scoter point is 14 ft.

Beavis with the first retrieve of the year


September 30 scoter point. No retrieves. Very little activity but nice weather. Little tide change.


October 9 th scoter point. 2 scoters retrieved. Hit a few others but lost them to heavy seas. The birds were moving in full force but not coming in very close. Not to windy but 2-3 footers. Light rain.



October Secret spot for mixed game. Ended up with 7 ptarmigan


October 22 mendenhall flats

October 23 mendenhall flats



November 18 th Mendenhall Flats. Got a drake bufflehead. My poor shot continues as I missed a few easy buffleheads.


November 4 th to 7 th Annual Hoonah Late Season Deer Hunt.


Our results were not great but what a fun 3 ½ days of hunting


November 10 th Douglas Island for deer.


Robbie and I went over to north Douglas for the morning

November 10 th Mendenhall flats. One down but it swam away. Beavis on the distanced retrieve



November 19 th Mendenhall Flats. We got our first mallard of the season. It was snowing hard and birds were moving pretty good


Dec 2 nd North Douglas for deer. Saw one fawn. Lots of snow


South Douglas for deer. Robbie and I both shot and missed at forks


Scoter Point. Season fanally. Jon and I 8 total. Beavis has some nice retrieves